Energy Action Network (EAN) is dedicated to producing the highest quality research and analysis on a wide range of issues related to meeting Vermont’s energy and climate commitments. Through conversations with network members and public partners, we aim to identify and address key questions that stand in the way of advancing progress towards our goals and commitments. Below are the results of recent research projects completed by EAN members, the core staff, and our Senior Fellows.

Recent Research Projects and Reports

Vermont EV incentive scenerios

Transportation Electrification in Vermont




Cap-and-Invest: A review of policy, design and models and their applicability in Vermont



EFG: “Tier 3” – Statewide Total Energy Program (“STEP”) Beyond Fossil Fuels (2018)



90% Renewable by 2050: Exploring Vermont’s Efficiency & Renewable Energy Pathways (2013)


Mobilizing Capital to Transform Vermont’s Energy/Economy (2012)

Contact EAN

  • Jared Duval

    Jared Duval

    Executive Director
  • Carolyn Wesley

    Carolyn Wesley

    Network Manager
  • Pamela Hathaway

    Pamela Hathaway

    Energy Research Analyst
  • Robert Fish

    Rob Fish

    Energy Dashboard Manager
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