EAN’s 2023 Network Summit will be a chance to:

  • connect with other Network members and public sector partners,
  • learn more about where Vermont stands relative to our energy and emissions reduction commitments, and
  • help choose Network priorities to make breakthrough energy progress, while creating a more just, thriving, and sustainable future for Vermonters.

New in 2023, there will also be a second half-day for Network Action Teams to collaborate, learn from one another, and problem solve together.

 Agenda & Speakers

Register for the Summit

Registration Fees

Early Price After 9/7
September 28 only (event registration and meals) $100.00 $120.00
September 28 and 29 (event registration and meals – not including accommodation) $150.00 $180.00
September 29 only (event registration and meals) $50.00 $70.00
Accommodation at Sugarbush (10% off standard fees – register directly with Sugarbush here) varies ($180 and up) varies
  • EAN Members and public sector partners interested in being part of the Sept 29 conversations are welcome, whether they are currently involved with a Network Action Team or not.
  • Reduced registration fees are available for EAN Members and public sector partners (including legislators) if the summit fees are beyond what you or your employer are able to pay this year. Potential participants who are not members or public sector partners who cannot pay full price should request the ability to use the promo codes if needed to cara@eanvt.org.  As always, we appreciate full payment by attendees who are able to pay, to make the Summit possible for all.

Who can attend?

The EAN Summit is open to EAN members, public sector partners, and other members of the public who:

  1. Support EAN’s mission of working to achieve Vermont’s climate and energy commitments in ways that create a more just, thriving, and sustainable future for Vermonters, and
  2. Commit to engaging in respectful and civil discourse, even when in disagreement.  This includes not recording other participants without their express permission.

Where is the Summit?

The EAN Summit is at the Sugarbush Resort – Gate House Lodge, which is the large building behind and to the right of the Clay Brook Hotel.  Driving directions to 102 Forest Drive, Warren, VT are available here.

Contact EAN

  • Jared Duval

    Jared Duval

    Executive Director
    802‑829‑7421   jduval@eanvt.org
  • Cara Robechek

    Cara Robechek

    Deputy Dir. & Network Manager
    802-552-8450   cara@eanvt.org
  • Lena Stier

    Lena Stier

    Data Manager
    802-735-3894   lena@eanvt.org
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