Goal: By 2030, weatherize every home of low-to-moderate income Vermonters who make less than 120% of average median income – including renters.

Weatherization Trendlines GraphThe framework of Vermont’s ambitious climate goals is built on the foundation of energy efficiency, yet we have not mobilized the funds required to invest in weatherization at scale to shift the trajectory of our greenhouse gas emissions. This project proposes a massive recapitalization of Vermont’s weatherization investment to fund more than 100,000 home retrofits for low- and moderate-income households over the next decade. 

The initiative calls for an all-of-the-above funding plan to include:

  • Establish innovative funding partnerships and consider non-traditional revenue sources, including leveraging private funds and non-state bonds
  • Consider alternative repayment models: Research to-the-meter and other financing models to pair with grants (incentives) and stretch available funds to meet the goal 
  • Deploy partnership model to work with fuel dealers, community action agencies, efficiency and distribution utilities, weatherization contractors, and private construction to speed weatherization work, and explore clean heat possibilities


Memo on Weatherization at Scale to the Public Service Department and Climate Council

Wx at Scale_ CEP-CAP comments ver FINAL

 June 21, 2021 Webinar describing the current Weatherization Coalition structure and invitation to get involved.

8 Healthy Homes, Happy Planet_ Wx at scale - Final

VT Warms –  Improving housing affordability and municipal building efficiency through weatherization – overview of Governor Scott’s budget proposal which includes $16 million to VHFA to develop programs that leverage private capital to expand the reach of Vermont’s low-to-moderate income weatherization efforts and support the delivery of those programs and projects.

VTDigger article – “Housing advocates say Scott’s priorities address unmet needs” January 26, 2021

VPR interview – “Weatherization is About Warming Vermonters’:  How Gov. Scott’s $25M Proposal Would Be Spent”  February 3, 2021

VNRC – Climate Dispatch interview with Senator Christopher Bray, Chair of the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee about Weatherization for All.  February 19, 2021

Video of this Pitch at the October 2020 EAN Summit 

Network members and partners working on this effort:

  • VGS (Neale Lunderville)
  • Energy Futures Group (Richard Faesy)
  • Vermont Housing Finance Agency – VHFA (Maura Collins, Chris Flannery)
  • Efficiency Vermont (Kelly Lucci, Dan Reilly)
  • NeighborWorks of Western Vermont (Ludy Biddle)
  • Vermont Public Power Supply Authority (Melissa Bailey)
  • Marc Mihaly, Bob Barton
  • Plus Advisors from:  Regulatory Assistance Project, Vermont Public Service Department, Vermont Natural Resources Council, Northeastern VT Regional Hospital, Downs Rachlin Martin, environmental groups, legislators, and others.   

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved in this project, please contact Cara Robechek cara@eanvt.org.

Note: Network Action Team projects were selected by the Network membership through a competitive process at the EAN annual summit.  Although Network members may support specific policy actions as part of their work on these Action Teams, EAN staff serve in the role of neutral convener and refrain from advocating for specific policies.

Contact EAN

  • Jared Duval

    Jared Duval

    Executive Director
    802‑829‑7421   jduval@eanvt.org
  • Cara Robechek

    Cara Robechek

    Deputy Dir. & Network Manager
    802-552-8450   cara@eanvt.org
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