Network Action Teams were selected by the Network membership through a competitive process as part of our 2020 Annual Summit.  The projects were chosen based on their potential to help Vermont meet the legal requirements of the Global Warming Solutions Act in ways that create a more just, thriving, and sustainable future for Vermonters. These projects bring innovation and equitable improvements to the transportation and heating sectors, which contribute over 70% of Vermont’s climate pollution and comprise the greatest energy cost burden for Vermonters.  Each project is guided by an action team comprised of a wide variety of Energy Action Network members working together to make progress on developing concepts and making progress toward their implementation.

Network Action Teams

Replace Your Ride

Help low-income Vermonters switch to clean transportation options affordably, while also accelerating the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector.

Future of Rural Transit

Prepare Vermont to have the most efficient, equitable, and cost-effective rural transportation system in the US by combining public, Medicaid, and school transportation into a single electrified public transportation system.  

Weatherization at Scale

By 2030, weatherize every home of low-to-moderate income Vermonters who make less than 120% of average median income – including renters.

Clean Heat Standard

Create a Clean Heat performance Standard (CHS) applied on a competitively neutral basis to all major suppliers of heating fuels in Vermont.  

Small grants were also awarded to support Fare-Free Transit and Renew Vermont: Building a Movement for a Just and Equitable Future as a result of their pitches at the 2020 EAN Summit.

Although EAN Network Members may support specific policy actions, EAN staff support the work of the action teams through our role as a neutral convener and refrain from advocating for specific policies.

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