Vermont has a major moral imperative, economic opportunity, and legal requirement to achieve our 2025, 2030, and 2050 energy and GHG emissions reduction commitments in ways that “create a more just, thriving, and sustainable future” for Vermonters.  That is why EAN seeks pitches annually for promising opportunities to help Vermont rapidly, cost-effectively, and equitably reduce fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas pollution.  This year two pitches will be selected to receive facilitation support from EAN staff and seed funding of up to $15,000.  Up to three other pitches will be selected to receive EAN staff consultations and seed funding of up to $5,000.

In 2021, 17 pitches were submitted to EAN.  A pitch selection committee chose 7 of those to present at the EAN Summit.  Summit participants voted on the pitches.  Now it is time for all EAN Members and Public Partners to vote on the pitches.  We invite the following people to familiarize themselves with the concepts through the links below and then vote on which pitches they think should receive support.  The results from that vote, in addition to the feedback given at the Summit on the 15th will guide the final confirmation by the EAN Board in early October.  We will let all pitchers know the final results as soon as they are confirmed.  

EAN Members and Partners who can Vote

  • EAN members named on our website ( – Each individual person listed has a vote. If your organization or business is a member and you are not listed despite being involved with EAN please let us know!  If your organization or business is not a member, and you would like to explore membership, please let Cara know ( 
  • EAN partners named on our website (  – Again, each individual person listed has a vote, and if you are a public partner and you are not listed despite being involved with EAN please let us know!  
  • EAN Senior Fellows, Board, and Staff


  1. Familiarize yourself with all pitches using the links below, which will take you to a brief write up and a 5 minute video for each pitch.  
  2. Review the pitch selection criteria and consider how well each of the 7 pitches meet the criteria.  You can download and print the criteria here, or read through them on our website here.  
  3. Vote on the pitches on Survey Monkey by September 30, 2021.  (Note name and organization is required to make sure only eligible Members and Public Partners are voting.)

Additional details

  • Please DO vote if you are eligible, even if you voted at the EAN Summit.  This is a different step in the process.  
  • You DO have a vote if you were involved in the pitches.  Do not feel shy about casting your vote.

Transportation Pitches

Developing a Plan for Effective and Equitable Investment of Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) Revenue in Vermont
Clean Transportation Standard
VT Sustainable & Equitable School Transportation Program

Cross-Sector Pitches

Comprehensive Fossil Fuel Equipment Change Out
Building Vermont’s Climate Workforce to Achieve Vermont’s GHG Emission Reduction Goals
A Coordinated Approach to Rural Electrification
Polling to Support Effective Policy Options and Attractive Consumer Choices

Contact EAN

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    Jared Duval

    Executive Director
  • Cara Robechek

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    Network Manager
  • Mei Butler

    Mei Butler

    Dashboard and Data Manager
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