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EAN has modeled one path for how Vermont could achieve our Paris Climate Agreement commitment based on currently available energy technologies and proven best practices. Getting to the Paris commitment would require all of these efforts, plus 20% more from additional measures. For example, if Vermont put fewer than 90,000 EVs on

What would it take to meet our Paris commitment?Read more …

2018 Annual Progress Report - 90% by 2050 -The Benefits of Achieving Vermont's Energy Goals

Existing policy not enough to meet Vermont’s energy and emissions commitments, report says
Vermonters stand to benefit from renewable heat, electric vehicles
A new Progress Report released today by Energy Action Network (EAN) highlights how meeting Vermont’s energy and emissions commitments will require state action far beyond what is already occurring, with major benefits

Press Release: EAN 2018 Annual Progress Report PublishedRead more …

The Energy Conversation is a climate - and an equity - conversation 1200x627

Though some may talk about transportation, thermal, and electricity as equal parts of Total Energy, each energy sector is unique in Vermont when it comes to relative energy use, emissions produced, and the energy burden (share of total energy costs for Vermonters) each creates. On all counts, transportation is the biggest challenge.


The Energy Conversation is a Climate and Equity ConversationRead more …

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