Vermont Climate Action Communities
Abby Friedman, Vermont League of Cities & Towns

The Vermont Climate Action Communities program will help municipalities achieve deep energy savings, improve resilience, and transition to a clean energy economy and provide locally-supported renewable energy generation for municipalities and the communities they serve. 

Pitch Summary:
Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT)

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Emphasize and Improve Tier III
Dan Mellinger, Energy Futures Group

Improve Tier III by addressing the implementation challenges between the DUs and the EEU; quantify the Tier III impact on fossil fuel use and electric rates through a 2019 evaluation; and build support towards the Tier III goals.

Pitch Summary:
Renew commitment to the Vermont Renewable

Emphasize & Improve Tier IIIRead more …

Heat and Transportation Efficiency Utilities
Anne Watson, Montpelier City Councilor

Let’s expand the mission of our current efficiency utilities or create new ones to cover #2 Fuel Oil, Propane, and Transportation.

Pitch Summary:
Just like Efficiency Vermont helps Vermonters reduce their electricity consumption, parallel organizations (or an expansion of Efficiency Vermont’s mission), could do functionally the

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The ESSEX Plan: An Economy-Strengthening Strategic Energy eXchange
Ashley Orgain, et al, Seventh Generation, and Friends


A Vermont-specific, future-oriented economic development strategy to strengthen the economy, prioritize the most vulnerable, and harness the power of the market to reduce carbon pollution and help the state meet its climate and clean energy goals.

Pitch Summary:

The ESSEX Plan: An Economy-Strengthening Strategic Energy eXchangeRead more …

Pitch Summary:
Twenty-five percent (25%) of Vermonters are considered low income – living at or below
200% of the poverty rate. This segment of the population also carries the highest energy
burden – spending, as a percentage of income, 3 to 5 times as much as other Vermonters.
Low-income Vermonters deserve to benefit from the financial

Sustainable Energy for Vermonters: Overcoming Barriers to Low-Income Access to Meet VT’s 2025 Energy & Climate GoalsRead more …

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