Pitch Summary:
Currently, transportation is the largest contributor to Vermont’s GHG emissions. More than half of that is Vermonter’s driving around in our personal vehicles.

In this proposal, I advocate for a research-based approach to reduce the overall pie, rather than switch the fuels used in that pie. I liken this to the nega-watt

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Pitch Summary:
Act 174 provides Town planners with the opportunity to designate certain sites as “preferred” for renewable energy development, based on environmental, aesthetics and other local criteria. But the 2017 5.100 net metering rules include a definition of a renewable energy “plant” to be one which is not sited within close proximity

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Pitch Summary:
Drift Marketplace streamlines electricity purchases through a SaaS peer-to-peer network using artificial intelligence and high-frequency trading methods to balance electrical supply and demand between customers and devices of all types, in real-time removing inefficiencies from the current wholesale power market structure and passing the resulting savings on to consumers. By factoring

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Pitch Summary:
Vermont’s 2016 Comprehensive Energy Plan (2016 Plan) notes that the state cannot meet its energy use and emissions reduction goals without transforming how it powers its vehicles. The state’s transportation fuels account for the single-largest portion of Vermont’s total energy consumption, and fossil fuels are the main source of that energy

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Pitch Summary:
The leading source of carbon pollution and personal expense in Vermont is the total dependence on the personal car. The state can massively reduce its carbon load and make life cheaper for many Vermonters by aggressively developing alternate local transportation services which are designed to serve our rural environment. From the

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