Charge Ahead Vermont: Electric Vehicle Transformation 
Dave Roberts, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation       

Plug-in electric vehicles powered by renewable energy will provide major reductions in Vermonters’ fossil fuel consumption and associated harmful emissions while lowering household expenses; we can address key barriers to accelerate this transformation by decreasing purchase costs, increasing charging infrastructure and

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Big Buses, Big Opportunity: How Electric Buses Support Cleaner Air, Healthier Kids, and Lower Costs
Abby Bleything, Vermont Clean Cities Coalition & Cara Robechek, Vermont Energy Education Program, representing Transportation for Vermonters

Vermont should leverage investment in replacing inefficient and dirty diesel buses with an electric bus fleet. Taking this action would reduce the

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Cap, Trade, and Invest: Transportation 
Mary Peterson, Tax Attorney & Daniel Gatti, Union of Concerned Scientists

Vermont should extend its successful experience in using emissions trading to its largest emissions sector, transportation; an approach that lowers emissions, lowers costs over the long run, and is an economic driver leveraging a sustainable revenue stream for

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Pitch Summary:
Transportation is the largest source of pollution in Vermont, but new technologies and transportation strategies give us the potential to build a better, cleaner transportation system for Vermonters. Electric vehicles are now available in many different models and classes, from passenger cars to SUVs to buses and trucks, and when plugged

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Home-Grown Renewable Heat: Strategies for Achieving Multiple Benefits
Ansley Bloomer, Renewable Energy Vermont & Maura Adams, Northern Forest Center

Making advanced wood heating systems more affordable, supporting supply side infrastructure, and ensuring a well-trained wood heat workforce will help sustain Vermont’s most broadly beneficial renewable heating option.

Pitch Summary:

Advanced wood heat yields more simultaneous

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