Pitch Summary:
Provide discounted home weatherization to customers who have recently completed a solar PV project. Partner with solar contractors to identify customers and promote the opportunity. Work with Efficiency Vermont to develop a set of robust incentives to drive interest and participation. Coordinate efforts with Building Performance Professionals Association (BPPA) and Renewable

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Today, Vermont Gas (VGS) plays a vital role in reducing the state’s GHG emissions and we will play a significant role in achieving the 2025/2050 goals. VGS’ Triple “R” Pitch (Replace, Reduce and Renewable) focuses on combining our services in an innovative manner that will maximize the climate benefits. First, by

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We are physicians, nurses and other medical/health professionals who share a deep concern about climate change and its impacts on our patients, our children, and our communities. Our mission is to use our expertise to inform the public and our lawmakers about the staggering effects climate change will have on human

Vermont medical and health professionals calling for action on climate change.Read more …

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The electrification of personal vehicles is underway. Municipalities must take action now to both accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by their citizens and to prepare for the inevitable market shift and make the transition as easy as possible for all Vermonters. There are a number of policies and incentives

Preparing Vermont’s cities and towns for the transition to electric vehiclesRead more …

Pitch Summary:
Build on Vermont’s voluntary building energy labeling efforts (Vermont Home Energy Profile) to progressively implement requirements over time. Begin with requiring sellers to provide information on energy efficiency programs and resources at the time of listing of a property (pass S.118 from 2017). Then, if inadequate uptake within two years, a

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