Pitch Summary:
Permit the EEUs to apply a subset of EEC funds toward electrification, storage, and renewable technologies. These expanded areas keep EEC funding within the
electrical sector (thermal-only measures would remain limited to RGGI/FCM funding). EEC ratepayer benefits include: downward pressure on rates from electrification by offsetting utility revenue losses from efficiency and

Expand EEC scope to include electrification, storage, and renewablesRead more …

Pitch Summary:
BCWG has been established at UVM to focus on improving quantitative understanding of the processes governing the release of biologically-generated gases from natural and engineered systems. The working group will be established by the four founding members (Holmén, Danks, Risk, Osborne) and broadened to create an interdisciplinary technical group at UVM

Biogas Collaborative Working Group (BCWG)Read more …

Pitch Summary:
Offer a 100% sales tax exemption for qualifying new residential automated biomass heating systems, pellet boilers and stoves, chunk wood boilers and stoves, and efficient fossil fuel boilers and furnaces. Pay for the tax exemption for biomass using CEDF funds and for fossil fuel equipment by applying a surcharge on the

Sales tax exemption for wood and efficient fuel heating equipmentRead more …

Pitch Summary:
Vermonters can significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption by replacing trips taken by cars with trips taken with an e-bike–a game changer for transportation by bike. Considering that trips less than two miles account for 68% of all Vermonters’ trips and that 87% of these trips are currently made with an automobile

Replacing car trips with e-bike trips for thousands of VermontersRead more …

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