Pitch Summary:

Redefine “best available technology” beyond just building performance to
possibly include location efficiency, electric vehicle charging stations, electrification, etc.
Also, consider enforcement of the renovation provisions that should apply to existing
buildings but aren’t enforced.

Submitted by:  Richard Faesy & Dan Mellinger, Energy Futures Group

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Pitch Summary:
Revise the energy efficiency self-direct path as follows: (1) limit self-direct funds to 70-80% of annual EEC contribution, acknowledging benefits all customers receive through upstream programs, education, code support, contractor training, etc.; (2) allow self-direct funds to be applied to total energy projects, not just electric; (3) expand the option

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Pitch Summary:
100% sales tax exemption for cold climate heat pumps (CCHP) and heat pump water heaters (HPWH), similar to the renewable energy systems sales tax exemption and sales tax “holidays” for ENERGY STAR equipment. Fund through a surcharge/tax on inefficient (sub-ENERGY STAR) fossil fuel based heating and hot water equipment sold in

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Pitch Summary:
Permit the EEUs to apply a subset of EEC funds toward electrification, storage, and renewable technologies. These expanded areas keep EEC funding within the
electrical sector (thermal-only measures would remain limited to RGGI/FCM funding). EEC ratepayer benefits include: downward pressure on rates from electrification by offsetting utility revenue losses from efficiency and

Expand EEC scope to include electrification, storage, and renewablesRead more …

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