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Each year, EAN’s Annual Progress Report for Vermont provides an in-depth analysis of where Vermont stands relative to its climate commitments and energy goals.

What’s new in 2023?

  • New page highlighting the efficiency advantages of electric heating and transportation options
  • New analysis of the return on investment of Vermont’s energy efficiency programs
  • An introduction to different emissions accounting methodologies, including an overview of accounting conventions for biomass emissions
  • Analyses on transportation energy burden, EV charging access, and affordability
  • New page on flexible load management and energy storage in VT

The report also includes updates to graphs and analyses found in previous EAN reports, including:

  • Overall and sector-by-sector emissions graphs, using new Vermont GHG inventory data
  • VT energy consumption graphs, broken out by sector and fuel types
  • Per capita emissions comparison of Vermont vs other Northeastern states (most recently appeared in the 2019 APR)
  • Heating and transportation fuel prices over time
  • Up-to-date EV registration totals and incentive information for new and used EVs
  • Pre-REC and post-REC Vermont electricity consumption pie charts


Request hard copies of the report

Request physical copies of EAN’s Annual Progress Report for Vermont for individual use or for an upcoming event by emailing Lena Stier (lstier@eanvt.org). If you’d like to share reports at an upcoming event, please let us know in advance the number of reports you’re requesting, the event title/description, and the date you’d like the reports.

Interested in becoming an EAN Member? Email Cara Robechek (crobechek@eanvt.org).

Contact EAN

  • Jared Duval

    Jared Duval

    Executive Director
    802‑829‑7421   jduval@eanvt.org
  • Cara Robechek

    Cara Robechek

    Deputy Dir. & Network Manager
    802-552-8450   cara@eanvt.org
  • Lena Stier

    Lena Stier

    Data Manager
    802-735-3894   lena@eanvt.org
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