Who We Are

Energy Action Network (EAN) is a diverse network of over two-hundred non-profits, businesses, public agencies, and other organizations working together in a collective impact framework and supported by a core staff to further the Network’s mission.

Our Mission

Energy Action Network (EAN) works to achieve Vermont’s 90% renewable by 2050 total energy commitment and to significantly reduce Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions in ways that create a more just, thriving, and sustainable future for Vermonters.

In addition to EAN’s long-term goals, our near-term goals include meeting the 2025 commitments set forth in Vermont’s 2016 Comprehensive Energy Plan and achieving emissions reductions as required by the Paris Climate Agreement of at least 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2025.

2018 Annual Progress Report - 90% by 2050 -The Benefits of Achieving Vermont's Energy Goals

Indicators of progress include:

  • Significant reductions in fossil fuel use and GHG pollution from energy
  • Substantial increases in the share of our energy needs met via efficiency and renewables.
  • Growth in the number of clean energy jobs in Vermont
  • Vermonters becoming more energy-secure and resilient
  • A stronger and more just Vermont economy
  • An energy landscape that both benefits from and protects our natural resources and working lands.

Our Approach

We approach our work together through two key lenses:

  1. Total Energy Transformation: We work toward efficient and renewable energy use across all sectors — transportation, thermal, and electric.
  2. Strategic Leverage Areas: We work to enable systemic change at a scale and pace necessary to achieve Vermont’s energy & emissions commitments, via the following leverage point areas:
    • Policy and Regulatory Reform
    • Public Engagement
    • Capital Mobilization
    • Technology Innovation

The core staff of EAN supports the work of Network members in the following ways:  

  • Steward a Common Agenda: All Network members support the State of Vermont’s renewable energy commitments, including 90% renewable by 2050, and the goal of significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, because Network members have varying viewpoints and positions on how to achieve Vermont’s near and long-term energy and emissions commitments, EAN’s backbone staff commits to serve as a neutral convener of the Network and to refrain from advocating for specific policies.
  • Collect Data and Measure Results: Ensure a common foundation of understanding by serving as Vermont’s trusted source for tracking and analysis of progress toward Vermont’s energy and emissions commitments (ex. Annual Progress Report, Vermont Energy Dashboard).
  • Coordinate Mutually Reinforcing Activities: Convene the Network to develop, share, and advance high-impact ideas to meet our energy and climate commitments (ex. Vermont Energy and Climate Summit, Vermont Energy Future Initiative, EAN Fellows Program).
  • Facilitate Continuous Communication: Ensure network members are up to date on relevant news, analysis, and emerging opportunities, both within Vermont and beyond (ex. Total Energy News monthly newsletter, Leveraging Change Speaker Series).

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