Recording of Presentations and Q&A
Includes closing thoughts on the first day of the 2020 Summit from EAN Executive Director Jared Duval.

2:30 Renewable Heat Standard

14:15 A New Future for Vermont Gas

24:30 Weatherization at Scale

32:50 Q&A

44:40 Closing Reflections
“Vermont’s Clean Heat Strategy (Part 1): the Renewable Heat Standard”

Presented by:  Richard Cowart and Rick Weston

Thermal PitchesRead more …

Recording of Presentations and Q&A

3:45 Replace Your Ride

9:25 Future of Rural Transit

15:40 Fare-Free Transit

22:00 Vehicle Feebate

29:00 Q&A
“Vermont Replace Your Ride Program” 

Presented by: Sue Minter (Capstone); Linda McGinnis (EAN Senior Fellow)
Summary: Low-income and rural Vermonters face higher transportation costs in terms of share of household income and vehicle miles travelled. They

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Recording of Presentations and Q&A

2:00 Foundational Research

9:00 Regenerative Workforce Housing

15:00 Renew Vermont


“Foundational Research: Mapping Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Vermont’s Energy Sector; and Public Sector Spending on Climate Change: Where are we?”

Presented by: Kelly Lucci (Efficiency Vermont); Dan Quinlan (SolaVida)
Summary: This pitch combines two foundational research questions: 1) In

Total Energy PitchesRead more …

EAN Network Manager Carolyn Wesley provides an overview of the pitch process. Sue Minter of Capstone Community Action, Richard Faesy of Energy Futures Group, and Rep. Sarah Copeland Hanzas provide updates on pitches from the 2019 Summit.

0:00 Carolyn Wesley Intro

6:36 Sue Minter Presentation

15:35 Richard Faesy Presentation

22:21 Rep. Sarah Copeland Hanzas Presentation

Update on Past PitchesRead more …

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