Tuesday, April 23rd – 5:00-7:00pm

Down Home Kitchen, 100 Main St, Montpelier

Please note the date time has changed to Tuesday, April 23rd from 5:00-7:00pm.

The Leveraging Change Speaker Series continues with a conversation about what Vermont can learn from three North American cap-and-invest programs to accelerate progress toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions efficiently and equitably across the electric, thermal, and transportation sectors. It explores how the systems are set up and managed as well as how the systems encourage substantial re-investment in programs and technologies that reduce emissions and increase affordability. EAN Senior Fellows Karen Glitman (Center for Sustainable Energy) and Linda McGinnis will discuss Karen’s recently completed research into how these policies, designs, and models could be applied in Vermont.

An Opportunity to Invest: A Conversation with Karen Glitman and Linda McGinnisRead more …

Energy Action Network (EAN), a High Meadows Fund grantee, released its Annual Progress Report for Vermont earlier this month. There are three big takeaways:

Vermont is far off the pace necessary to meet our renewable energy and emissions reduction commitments.
Vermonters have a lot to gain in terms of energy affordability

High Meadows Fund Blog: Heating and Transportation are the Sticking Points in Vermont’s Energy TransformationRead more …

Contact EAN

  • Jared Duval

    Jared Duval

    Executive Director
    802‑829‑7421   jduval@eanvt.org
  • Carolyn Wesley

    Carolyn Wesley

    Network Manager
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  • Pamela Hathaway

    Pamela Hathaway

    Energy Research Analyst
    802-498-5050    phathaway@eanvt.org
  • Robert Fish

    Rob Fish

    Energy Dashboard Manager
    802‑383‑8527   rfish@eanvt.org
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