While the year closed with a groundbreaking announcement from nine Northeastern states as part of the Transportation & Climate Initiative, we started the year with a sobering announcement of US emissions increasing in 2018, even as coal plants are closing. That speaks to the importance of action to get off of fossil fuels, particularly in the transportation and thermal sectors.

EAN’s Leveraging Change Speaker Series will continue this month on Thursday, January 17th. Read on for more details or click here to RSVP.

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Communicating Energy and Climate: A Conversation with Bob Perkowitz and Abby White

Communicating Energy & Climate: A Conversation with Bob Perkowitz and Abby White
Thursday, January 17th, 2019 from 4:00-6:00pm

Energy Action Network’s Leveraging Change Speaker Series continues with a conversation about communicating energy and climate featuring Bob Perkowitz, Founder and CEO of ecoAmerica. Public Engagement is a key leverage point for advancing systemic change to

Communicating Energy and Climate: A Conversation with Bob Perkowitz and Abby WhiteRead more …

Vermont’s GHG Emissions and GDP dipped between 2007-2009 during the Great Recession. For a few years during the economic recovery, Vermont’s GHG emissions remained flat, but recent years have brought a significant increase.

Emissions in the US were reported to have risen by 3.4% this year, the largest increase in eight years. For years, it appeared that the U.S. had joined dozens of countries around the globe who had successfully decoupled emissions and economic growth. This year however, emissions increased from industry, planes, and freight

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