Harnessing Energy Storage for Local Clean Energy, Jobs, and Grid Resiliency in Vermont
Nathan Wyeth, Sunrun & Richard Morin, Dynapower

By incentivizing residences, businesses, and utilities to build a network of distributed energy resources that link our grid with renewable energy and energy storage installations throughout the state, Vermont can save ratepayers millions, reduce our carbon footprint and create sustainable jobs that boost Vermont’s economy for years to come.

Note: This is a combined pitch

Pitch Summary:

By financially incenting the widespread installation of energy storage with utility-scale solar installations, commercial and industrial buildings and in residences across the state Vermont could reimagine its aging grid, rapidly ramp up renewable energy integration and distribution, save ratepayers and business owners tens of millions of dollars and help accelerate and transform Vermont’s economy.

Submitted by: DYNAPOWER

EAN Pitch 45 - Adam Knudsen - Dynapower - Incenting Solar Plus Energy Storage to Reduce the StateΓÇÖs Carbon Footprint and Power the Vermont Economy

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